Here’s What We’re Doing:

Contact Window Cleaning is observing Dallas County Health, Safety, and Reopening Guidence. Please help us reduce the risk of transmission by reading Section 2 of the guideance report and practice safety recommendations. 

• Practice strict hygiene and reduced group interactions.
• Monitor symptoms of staff
• Ask customers about COVID status and related symptoms before entering residence.
• Avoid putting staff at risk for non-emergent repairs.
• Employees and residents should wear face coverings if in shared space.
• Strict hand hygiene should be practiced.
• Assure increased and effective cleaning regimen especially of high-touch surfaces.

Exterior Window Cleaning Services:

Exterior window cleaning services remain 100% interactive free. We will notify you when we arrive and payment may be made online after service is complete. 

Be Responsible

Monitor your health and limit your interactions with large groups of people. The spread of Covid-19 is reduced when everyone participates in personal responibility.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is recommended for those who have symptoms or are at higher risk of infection. Wearing a mask will help do your part to reduces the chances of viral transmission.

Wash & Sanatize Hands

Wash hands multiple times a day and sanatize after touching common area surfaces. Hands are the first point of contact for the transmission of Covid-19.

Daily Temperature Check

Monitoring your symptoms including daily temperature checks is recommended. Monitoring your health will help do your part to keep our community safe.

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